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Licensing Sub-Committee
16 Apr 2021 - 10:30 to 14:20
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Meeting Details
Pool Membership
Pool Membership

Councillor Jocelyn Bond

Councillor Mark Newton

Councillor Keith Robinson

Councillor John Fisher (Reserve)


Members are invited to a Meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee

to be held on Friday, 16 April 2021 at 10.30am


This meeting will be conducted remotely, pursuant to the Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.


The meeting will be facilitated using the Zoom video conferencing system and broadcast via the East Suffolk Council YouTube channel

Part One - Open To The Public
1 Election of a Chairman

To elect a Chairman for this meeting of the Sub-Committee.

Councillor Newton was nominated by Councillor Bond to be Chairman of this Meeting of the Sub-Committee. The nomination was seconded by Councillor Fisher. There being no other nominations Councillor Newton was duly elected as Chairman.
2 Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence, if any.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Robinson. Councillor Fisher, as the original designated reserve member, therefore sat on the Sub-Committee. Councillor Back acted as the new designated reserve member. 


Before turning to the agenda, the Chairman made some introductory comments to explain how the remote meeting would be conducted.

3 Declarations of Interest

Members and Officers are invited to make any declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary or Local Non-Pecuniary Interests that they may have in relation to items on the Agenda and are also reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the Meeting if it becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered.

There were no Declarations of Interest. 
4 Declarations of Lobbying and Responses to Lobbying
To receive any Declarations of Lobbying in respect of any item on the agenda and also declarations of any response to that lobbying.  
There were no Declarations of Lobbying. 
Report of the Legal and Licensing Services Manager
  1. pdf Review of Premises Licence report (209Kb)
    1. pdf ES-0726 - Spice of Balti App A (516Kb)
    2. pdf Appendix B - Spice of Balti - Plan (101Kb)
    3. pdf Appendix C - Review papers -Spice of Balti - PRIVATE - Private
    4. pdf ES-0726 - Spice of Balti App D (463Kb)

The Chairman asked the Council's Legal Adviser to briefly summarise the process that would be applied to this review of the premises licence. The Chairman also invited the Applicant as a Responsible Authority, representatives of Public Health also a Responsible Authority, and the Officers of the Council acting in support of the Sub-Committee to introduce themselves. The Designated Premises Supervisor/Premises Licence Holder (Mr Uddin)  for the premises under review and their legal representative also introduced themselves. 


The Licensing Officer referred all those present and participating in the meeting to the late photographic evidence provided by Mr Uddin's legal representative that morning. It was agreed by all parties that this would be received. The Licensing Officer added that the Applicant also wished to present video evidence from the body-cameras of the two police officers who had attended the premises on 9 January 2021. It was agreed by all parties that this would be received. The Applicant asked if video evidence could be viewed in closed session; he explained that some matters were subject to on-going criminal investigations and a public viewing might prejudice a fair trial. 



That the Licensing Sub-Committee, having heard the application from the representative for the Applicant, considered that the public interest in excluding the public from the Meeting outweighed the public interest in the Meeting taking part in public and, therefore, in accordance with Regulation 14 of the Licensing Act 2003 (Hearing Regulations) 2005, determined that the remainder of the meeting be heard in private


The remainder of the meeting is recorded in a separate, exempt Minute.

Part Two - Confidential

There are no Exempt or Confidential items for this Agenda.

Meeting Documents

  1. pdf Exempt Minutes of Meeting - Private

Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


Officers present: 

Katherine Abbott (Democratic Services Officer), Teresa Bailey (Senior Licensing Officer), Martin Clarke (Housing Project Lawyer), Leonie Hoult (Licensing Officer), Matt Makin (Democratic Services Officer)

Others present: 

 Dr Badrinath (Public Health, SCC), John Corkett (Suffolk Constabulary), Ms Cullum (Public Health, SCC), Mr Kingsley (Solicitor), Mr Uddin (Designated Premises Supervisor), Dr Winder (Public Health, SCC)