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Public Space Protection Order for Latitude
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Tue 7 Jun 2022
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Report of the Assistant Cabinet Member for Community Safety
Matter for Decision (to consider...)
To consider if the Public Space Protection Order for the Henham Estate Latitude Festival 2022 be extended.
Service Area
Service Area 2
Not Applicable
Contact for Background Papers:

Louise Thomas

Communities Officer

Background Papers:
See attached report
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Decision Made
That it be agreed that the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for the Henham Estate Latitude Festival 2022 should not be extended on the basis that there is limited evidence that the PSPO for this area has been needed used or that it has supported the Police in tackling Nitrous Oxide related use in this location. 
Reason for Decision

Through consultation with the Police and the East Suffolk Council ASB Transformation Officer, it was agreed to take a report to the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to discuss the evidence current need for PSPO. 


Consultation took place on 10 March 2022 and partners present included: Police, Environment Protection, ESC Health & Safety, ESC Licencing, Fire Service, Ambulance Service Festival Republic, ESC Emergency Response and Legal representative. All those present agreed to discharge PSPO due to lack of evidence provided by the police regarding seizures of Nitrous Oxide cannisters and Fixed Penalty Notices served. 

Alternative Options Considered and Rejected

1. PSPO to be reviewed/continued/varied


2. Other ASB Legislation to be utilised

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Wrentham, Wangford and Westleton


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18/05/2022 15:38:42Matt MakinBusiness Item Created 
18/05/2022 15:38:42Matt MakinCommittee AddedCabinet
18/05/2022 15:38:42Matt MakinMeeting Added07/06/2022 6:30PM
18/05/2022 15:40:10Matt MakinWard AddedWrentham, Wangford and Westleton
18/05/2022 15:40:51 General Details EditedReference Number Generated (ES/1166)
18/05/2022 15:40:51Matt MakinStatus ChangedDecision Scheduled [1]
24/05/2022 09:53:33Matt MakinReport AddedDocument ID 16951: ES-1166 PSPO for Latitude
07/06/2022 20:01:38Matt MakinGeneral Details Edited 
09/06/2022 09:25:08Karen CookStatus ChangedDecision Subject To Call In [3]
09/06/2022 09:25:39Karen CookGeneral Details Edited 


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