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Business Item
First Light Festival
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Date of Decision
Tue 1 Sep 2020
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Report of the  Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member with responsibility for Economic Development
Matter for Decision (to consider...)
Review of the financial impact of the First Light Festival, and setting out a proposal for future funding and sponsorship
Service Area
Service Area 2
Not Applicable
Contact for Background Papers:
Kerry Blair 
Background Papers:
Equality Impact Assessment
Is Decision District Wide
Decision Made
1. That the impact of the First Light Festival to the local economy and the positive response to the online events for 2020 be noted.
2. That the festival be supported to a maximum of £140k in 2021, which remains available from the 2019/20 Business Rates Retention scheme. 
Reason for Decision

The festival will :

Attract 40-50,000 visitors, with a focus on people from outside of Lowestoft’s traditional visitor base;
Brand Lowestoft as a desirable and attractive tourist destination;
Extend the area from which people travel to Lowestoft to include the growing populations of Norwich and Ipswich;
Contribute directly to the local economy during the festival including increased hotel stays;
Position Lowestoft as a venue for contemporary arts and events – with the potential for significant financial support from the Arts Council;
Identify Lowestoft as – uniquely in the UK – the first place to see the sunrise, allowing the town to trade on its geographical position.

Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Not to support the festival.
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17/08/2020 11:54:02Karen CookBusiness Item Created 
17/08/2020 11:54:02Karen CookCommittee AddedCabinet
17/08/2020 11:54:02Karen CookMeeting Added01/09/2020 6:30PM
17/08/2020 11:54:15 General Details EditedReference Number Generated (ES/0471)
17/08/2020 11:54:15Karen CookStatus ChangedDecision Scheduled [1]
20/08/2020 12:01:45Katherine AbbottReport AddedDocument ID 6635: ES0471 - First Light Festival
02/09/2020 09:37:37Karen CookStatus ChangedDecision Subject To Call In [3]
02/09/2020 09:42:07Karen CookGeneral Details Edited 
08/09/2020 11:59:41Karen CookStatus ChangedImplemented [7]
13/10/2020 10:55:50Maxine GreenStatus ChangedImplemented [7]


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