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Public Space Protection Orders
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Date of Decision
Tue 6 Oct 2020
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Report of the Assistant Cabinet Member with responsibility for Community Health
Matter for Decision (to consider...)
To  agree continuation or discharge of Public Space Protection Order
Service Area
Service Area 2
Not Applicable
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Julia Catterwell
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Decision Made

1. That the extension of the Public Space Protection Order for the Harbour ward for a further three years be agreed on the basis that the Public Space Protection Order has been used extensively in this ward, along with other legislative tools to support the Police to tackle alcohol related anti social behaviour in this location.


2. That the Public Space Protection Orders for the Kirkley and Oulton Broad wards should not be extended on the basis that there is no evidence that the Public Space Protection Order for these areas has been used or that it has supported the Police in tackling alcohol related anti social behaviour in these locations.

Reason for Decision
Legislation sets out several additional requirements for consultation before an Order is introduced, once it is implemented and where it is extended, varied, or discharged. We consider that the consultation requirements have been met and there is limited evidence about the need to retain the PSPO’s in two of the three areas under consideration, based on the level of ASB recorded, the lack of additional evidence from the Police and the lack of responses to the consultation undertaken.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
For the three PSPOs to be discharged and other ASB legislation to be utilised.
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Harbour and Normanston; Kirkley and Pakefield; Oulton Broad


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24/09/2020 16:47:18Matt MakinMeeting Deleted01/09/2020 6:30PM
24/09/2020 16:47:25Matt MakinMeeting Added06/10/2020 6:30PM
07/10/2020 11:22:57Matt MakinGeneral Details Edited 
08/10/2020 09:36:37Karen CookStatus ChangedDecision Subject To Call In [3]
08/10/2020 09:39:27Karen CookGeneral Details Edited 
12/10/2020 16:31:20Karen CookStatus ChangedImplemented [7]
22/10/2020 11:37:35Matt MakinStatus ChangedImplemented [7]
04/11/2020 12:32:05Maxine GreenStatus ChangedImplemented [7]


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