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Governance of Southwold Harbour Lands
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Southwold Harbour Lands Joint Committee
Date of Decision
Mon 3 Feb 2020
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To consider the future governance arrangements for the Southwold Harbour Lands.
Matter for Decision (to consider...)
To consider the commencement of the creation of a Harbour Management Committee, as described in the report.
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Economic Development & Regeneration
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Decision Made

a)      That the Harbour Management Committee should be created by the Cabinet of East Suffolk Council, based on the revised Terms of Reference and the revised Memorandum of Understanding agreed in the meeting and initialled by the Chairman for the purposes of identification;

b)      That Ashfords LLP should be instructed to prepare the draft terms of reference and structure for the Advisory Group as soon as reasonably practicable; 

c) That a skills audit for the Harbour Management Committee is carried out as soon as reasonably practicable; and

d)     That the Joint Committee should be disestablished on creation of the Harbour Management Committee.
Reason for Decision

The recommendations in the report are made in response to the March Resolutions made by the Joint Committee and the corresponding directions from Waveney District Council and Southwold Town Council seeking recommendations for the proposed new HMC.  These recommendations are made for the reasons summarised in the report and the reasons explained in more detail in the preceding reports referred to in it (which are available at the links in the table at the end of this report).

It is believed that the recommended approach strikes the right balance, accommodating the wishes of stakeholders as far as possible and enabling the HMC to comply with the PGGG (after the initial transition period proposed in view of the requests from stakeholders in the consultation exercises).  It is recommend that the proposed HMC should be created as soon as possible, to allow it to begin work and evolve based on its experience and ongoing consultation with stakeholders.

Alternative Options Considered and Rejected

The proposals made in this report are to implement the March Resolutions made by the Joint Committee and the corresponding directions from Waveney District Council and Southwold Town Council.  Before those resolutions were made, the Joint Committee considered all of the other options described in section 11 of the February Report.  

The other options proposed by consultees in respect of the constitution of the HMC are considered and summarised in section 12 of the February Report and this report, and in more detail in the appendices to the February Report and the appendices to this report.

Any Declarations of Interest Declared
Councillor I Bradbury declared a Local Non Pecuniary Interest as he was the Secretary of the Blyth Estuary Partnership.
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